what is pixelus?

Unique and Innovative Solution for Distributing Information on Multiple Devices.


How can Pixelus help my business?

Show your customers/buyers/visitors information on screens that will further interest them in your product or service, that will amuse and inform them while waiting, that will influence their behaviour and decision-making and that will enhance their experience. The possibilities are endless and usage of Pixelus simple, secure and user friendly. Choose the right information you want to distribute and Pixelus will do the rest.


How it works?

The goal is to replace fixed and outdated advertising content (Paper posters, Jumbo posters, Advertising boards…) with content on screens.

Having a digital content that can be easily and quickly changed is cost-effective, modern and reliable.

Upload pictures, videos or URLs on Pixelus Cloud Console; Decide what content and in what order you want to show on screen(s); Choose a schedule and duration for the content.

And that’s it!


What do I need to use Pixelus?

Hardware equipment: Android TV (clients asset) and Pixelus TV box (provided by us)

Software equipment: Chrome browser (clients task); Pixelus Cloud Console (content management system, storage unit and schedule calculator; access to clients provided by us), Pixelus Player (app provided and installed on Pixelus TV box by us)

Pixelus TV box with Pixelus Player app is cost-effective device with external sensors option (e.g. temperature, humidity, movement, scanning, fingerprint… ) that can be used in custom-made solutions that will enable you to do, among other things, market research and collect important data.

Pixelus Cloud Management System supports Smart TV and Android TV Box.

Pixelus Cloud Management System supports Chrome browser. Download is avaiable on Google Store.

Any Business. Any Screen. Any Content. Anywhere.

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