Any Business. Any Screen. Any Content. Anywhere.

If you need a simple, modern, fast and cost-effective way to upgrade your business and attract more customers (and who doesn’t?) you’re in a right place. Turn any screen into a highly successful marketing tool using Pixelus.

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Custom Made Solutions for Your Business

You’re not sure how to take full advantage of Pixelus? How to make your customers or visitors into more loyal buyers that will spend more? Give us a ring, write us a note or knock on our door! We have experts with over 25 years of experience in retail and sales business that will help you develop a perfect solution which will maximize your efforts and regenerate your business. Pixelus can do wonders!

Market Research with Pixelus

Determine rate of success of your marketing campaigns by measuring customer behaviour, time they spend in front of your ad, their direction and speed of movement…

Then simply use those results to customize your content according to their behaviour.

Yes, we have different sensors that can be incorporated in your Pixelus! And they are as close to magic as one can get.

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Display Management Made Easy

Our software shows your dynamic messages, pictures and videos to the right people, on the right displays, at the right time.

You can use Pixelus to navigate customers to different areas, show them the products you want to emphasize, make them notice special offers, build a brand identity, give them public information such as news, weather and traffic, guide them through your space with interpretive signage… And that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Flexible and scalable

You can easily customize every aspect of your digital display content because Pixelus is flexible and scalable.

Support and Service concept

We are providing 24/7 first level support for the Pixelus display application. We will respond immediately on every request.

User friendly

The order of content display is determined by user friendly drag-and-drop function. Just select the content and drag it to the place you want it to be displayed.

multi display

content is played smoothly on multi displays

DB connection

Pixelus cloud Connection console is linked to all databases

multi content

more digital content playable

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